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Interfulgent, is a latin word meaning “Shining through”.

Corrado describes this new work of his, as an artistic interpretation of a deep desire to transcend the socio-cultural darkness that surrounds us, with the help of new ideas, metaphorically represented, on the cover, by a luminous object… Harbinger of better times.


Musically, it’s a compositional effort to place the electric guitar into a more contemporary musical context.

The tunes are characterized by unique guitar sounds, created with the use of a signature pedal - that he developed - which gives his guitar an incredibly expressive voice.

The use of electronic sounds, together with his fusion/progressive/classical infused guitar playing, contribute to an evocative musical landscape, which he calls Transmodern.


The album features Alex Argento on keyboards.


Audio CD contains 10 songs:


  • Halo Drive
  • Night of the jackal
  • The man from Yorkshire (Dedicated to A.H.)
  • Black Swan
  • Anna
  • Interfulgent
  • Khetwadi Lane
  • ZuZu Blues
  • The waters of Enceladus
  • G. on a sunny day


SKU: 364215376135191
  • Limited Edition Compact Disc.

    Comes in 4 panel Digipack, with artwork by Michal Karcz

  • Orders ship out within 2/3 days of being placed.

    Cost of shipping:

    Within Germany, 1.60 EUR for 1 to 4 units.

    Because of postal service cost increase, shipping from Germany to rest of the world is now 10.99 EUR for 1 to 2 units!

    For orders of more than 4 units, please contact us, to receive shipping info!

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