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In the spring of 2010, Corrado Rustici - the renowned guitarist and producer of some of the most influential artists in Italian history (Zucchero, Elisa, Francesco De Gregori, Claudio Baglioni, Andrea Bocelli, Ligabue and many others) - drummer Steve Smith (Journey, Steps Ahead, Vital Information) and keyboardist Peter Vettese (Jethro Tull, Annie Lennox, Seal) embarked on a 2 weeks tour of Japan.

This audio CD and DVD package is a document of their firey, passionate playing, during those two weeks.

It showcases new arrangements from Corrado Rustici's acclaimed solo albums "Deconstruction of a postmodern musician" and "The Heartist", plus revisitations of material from Corrado's old fusion band "Nova".

The result of the passion and technique that these three talented,virtuoso musicians lend to the music, is of the highest level and not for the faint of heart.

From the soulful and hypnotic mood of "Chiudi gli occhi" to the high energy solos and improvisations of "Loud Cloud", this album is sure to satisfy any lover of instrumental and jazz-rock/progressive music.


Audio CD contains 9 songs:


1) Sushumna's Dance                        6:11

2) Lazarus Pain                                     5:59

3) The Princess and the Frog         8:03

4) 100 Famous Notes                        5:57

5) Vimana                                              11:18 

6) Chiudi gli occhi                               8:31

7) Tantrum to Blind                            5:53  

8) Spirals of Light                               7:37  

9) Loud Cloud                                    15:44    


DVD contains 4 video clips:


1) Sushumna's Dance                   5:44   

2) Vimana                                         11:16    

3) Chiudi gli occhi                          6:43   

4) Loud Cloud                                15:22

Blaze and Bloom - Live in Japan

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