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“Aham” is a unique musical project, both for the way it sounds and for the way it was made.

Not interested in a shredder album, Corrado wanted to do something different and unique sounding. So, for six years, he experimented with ways in which the guitar could be used as the only source of sound on the album. Blending musical styles, from prog-rock, to jazz-fusion, ambient, pop and classical music, Corrado was able to create a musical tapestry which includes but also transcends its sources, creating what he likes to call “Transmodern Music”. 

Everything that you hear, from what sounds like drums, bass, strings, woodwinds to also voice (like in the case of the suite "Aham") was created by Corrado playing only electric and acoustic guitars through analog pedals and digital plugins.

The only exceptions being a couple of vocal tracks and some handclaps. The song “Alcove of stars” features Andrew Strong (singer and star of the movie “The Commitments”).

There are no synths, samplers or electronic instruments.

The result is an intense, moody, emotional piece of work, which will definitely appeal to any lover of deep, multi-tiered, contemporary music. 

Audio CD contains 9 songs:

  • As Dark Bleeds Light
  • Ananda’s First Steps
  • The Duke and The Hare
  • The Guilty Thread
  • Roots of Progression
  • Alcove of Stars
  • The Last Like Spoken
  • Aham Suite:
  • Part 1: The Enquiry
  • Part 2: Aham


  • Orders ship out within 2/3 days of being placed.

    Cost of shipping:

    Within Germany, 1.60 EUR for 1 to 4 units.

    Because of postal service cost increase, shipping from Germany to rest of the world is now 10.99 EUR for 1 to 2 units!

    For orders of more than 4 units, please contact us, to receive shipping info!

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